Our Partners

We have a number of industry and education partnerships in place to assist our students. These partnerships help our students gain a greater insight into the startup ecosystem and to also gain entry and credit into bachelor degrees at a number of universities and private education providers.


Tank Stream Labs is one of Australia’s leading breeding grounds for technology entrepreneurs, thought leaders and early adopters. In 2017, Tank Stream Labs won Best Co-working Space in Australia at the inaugural Fintech Awards. The Tank Stream Labs community contains the future tech leaders in Australia with global aspirations.


We have a wide range of educational partners providing English and Higher Education pathways for our students. We continue to build these relationships to provide our students with a wide range of options.



We work with representatives from across the world. Access our current agency partners below. If you would like to work with us, please contact us directly for an initial chat.

We’re on a mission to disrupt education because we know there’s a better way. We’ve thrown out the old classroom rules and empower our students to engage in real-world problems and opportunities in a creative way.
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