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We take the needs of our students seriously. Through our student concierge, every student is treated like a VIP. They are provided with a 360˚ support network to ensure their time with us is enjoyable and productive. Your welcome by our concierge team includes a video message from one of our co-founders, as well as a range of personalised information and support materials.

We don’t want life’s challenges to get in the way of your academic success. Our Student Concierge is designed to enrich your experience of studying at Laneway and for our international students, living in Australia. Our concierge is there to help you with any problems or difficulties, especially as many of our students study so far from their families.

We’ve got your back with:

  • Designated team members that speak a variety of languages
  • Language and academic support
  • 1-on-1 mentoring
  • On-arrival welcome and orientation programs
  • Health & Wellbeing Counsellor
  • Student accommodation services
  • Employment services


Australia is a multicultural country and over 25% of the population was born in a different country. Australia’s land size is approximately the same size as the continental United States. The current population is around 22 million with most people living in the capital cities along the East Coast. While Australia’s official language is English, over 200 languages are spoken. Australians are generally fairly easygoing and informal. At the same time, we value hard work, fairness, teamwork, and supporting others. We believe everyone should have equal rights and equal opportunities. Australian residents have a range of religions, views, and backgrounds. While people may not agree with you, people are generally respectful and tolerant of the choices and views of others. Australians also enjoy a good laugh and love to make fun of things including themselves.

Australians enjoy the benefits of the multicultural society through food, music, and the arts. People also enjoy being outdoors and will spend time with friends at a barbecue, going for a walk or going to the beach. Many Australians love their sport and popular sports include cricket, rugby, football (soccer), swimming, tennis, golf, cycling and horse racing.

Fact Sheet

Thinking about studying in Australia can be a big decision. There are many questions that need to be answered. We have created a fact sheet with all of the information we think is helpful for you to make your decision and get prepared.

We’re on a mission to disrupt education because we know there’s a better way. We’ve thrown out the old classroom rules and empower our students to engage in real-world problems and opportunities in a creative way.
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