Have You Chosen The Right Social Media Platforms?

Find the perfect platform to introduce your business to the crowd


The significance of social media marketing for business nowadays can’t be emphasized enough. Aside serving as means to showcase your products and services to the crowd, social media marketing which integrated with search engine optimization strategy can also be an effective tool to grow your website organic traffic—the more visitors you get, the bigger chance to sell, right? In addition, if it’s done right, social media marketing can also serve as the best way to connect and build real relationship with your customers.

Did you know, according to a study, brands with active social media profiles have more loyal customers?

Come with many perks, however, the growth of social media platforms also present us with a rather unique challenge of which one(s) to choose—as you may also aware, it’s no longer only Facebook and Twitter anymore. These are several things you can consider to get the best out of your social media efforts and slay your competitors.

Everyone seems to be on Facebook, now should you?
To be frank, Facebook is indeed the biggest social network on the web, with over 1.71 billion monthly active users (as of July 2016). Other than its huge number of active users, Facebook also provides richer data about its users, thus enabling you to gain insights about your audiences as well as create a highly targeted campaign. Does it mean you have to choose Facebook? Well, it really depends on your business goals.

Facebook is about a long-term commitment and building relationships, so it’s perfect to build brand loyalty and reputation. However, due to the tight competition, visibility on Facebook will be quite a challenge as you’ll also be competing with much bigger brands—with bigger advertising budget— there.

Where are your target audiences?
You don’t need the attention from everyone, but only from your target audiences. If it’s possible to reach them using smaller social media platforms and budget, you should really pursue it. Now, do a little research to get to know your target audience better, what social media platform are they using? If they’re using several social media platforms actively, find out where are they mostly engaged? Is it Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or maybe LinkedIn? This is a definitely a good start to build followers base for your brand.

If you choose to start building followers on Instagram, let’s connect!

Find the one fit your budget
With all of its benefits, Facebook and other established social media platforms don’t come cheap. When budget is not your strength, maybe you should consider using a platform that enable you to showcase your brand beautifully without having to drain your cash empty. A rather new and growing social media platform which hasn’t fully launched their monetization efforts—like Snapchat—maybe?

Did you know that Snapchat is currently one of the fastest growing social media platform worldwide?

Get to know the trends
As every other thing, social media platforms are continually changing. Some are on their way up, and some are on their way down. Some experts even said that Twitter is no longer a good investment. Although a bit of speculation is involved in determining the future of a social media platform, combining your instinct with research of the above criterias should lead you to the right place.

In the end, whichever social media platforms you choose, every campaign and marketing efforts you do there must be monitored regularly so you can track your success. Social media marketing is a rather long game, and at the same time it also must be maintained and optimised continually. From your social media profile to your advertising campaign, you don’t want all the time and budget spent there go to waste.

Finally, try to enjoy your journey to the center of the crowd!

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