5 Upcoming Website Trends You Should Be Prepared For

Take A Step Forward Earlier Than Your Competitors


Perfection is a constant work of improvement. This is especially true in the fast-changing web design industry. To have a functional website is one thing, but to meet your visitors’ expectation, is an entirely different thing. Did you know, first impressions are 94% design-related and 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive? Therefore, to have a website simply running is not enough, you also need to pay attention to its design.

As the end of year is near, preparing yourself with the latest trends in web design industry can give you a head start in the competition. This is why these 5 upcoming website trends can help you stay relevant for your customers.

Infinite scrolling
Did you know, Time.com’s bounce rate dropped 15% after they adopted continuous scroll? Although it’s definitely not new, scrolling has been more and more implemented both on small-screened and larger-screened devices. Other than lower your bounce rate, infinite scrolling also enables the users to scan large volumes of content very quickly, in a single fluid motion without being removed from the experience. Ain’t it nice?

Micro Interaction
Like scrolling, micro interaction is not new. However, we’ll likely to see it more often—and better in the years to come. We see micro interaction typically in the form of small animations, especially on small-screened devices. However from a user’s perspective, micro interaction plays a bigger role than a small entertaining animations on screen. It serves as a form of visual feedback for the users and their actions which in turns let them know of what is happening, what to expect as they interacting with your website. By integrating “fun” into functional, micro interaction can also be used to entertain the users while at the same time informing them all the process happening on your website. So you can keep them there longer, maybe even convert them to your paying customers!

AI Integration
Over the years, user interaction to a website is continually improved to make it as seamless and helpful as possible. Because of this, AI systems are used to pulled informations. Based on informations collected, AI can analyze and interpret user’s goals, then formulate the best offers or solutions to them. Another good news is, AI can be integrated into the design without drawing attention to itself. That way, your users may not know it even there! An example of this is creating recommendation of products based on user’s preferences. That way, you have bigger chance to sell!

Age-Responsive Design
Responsive design is about adaptability. While for now responsive design website can only adapt its layout to a wide range of devices, by the end of 2017 it’s predicted to respond based on the age of the its users. Just like advertisement adjusted its content according to user’s interest, a website will eventually can modify its display based on who reads them. To stay updated in trends is to be in line with time and keep evolving. We take this seriously on our design too. Have you seen our web design work? Take a look here!

Semi-Flat Design
The old flat design emphasizes on usability—if something is not functional, then it’s a distraction for users. It features bright colors, simple shapes, and easy-to-read typography, also faster loading times—thanks to its simpler graphics. The foundation of flat design is simplicity, which can be good to grab user’s attention for a moment, but along with time it may appear boring. Semi-flat design is developed to overcome this disadvantage—among many others, by combining the advantages of the old flat design with the benefits of modern preferences and usability upgrades. You may heard it by the names of semi-flat, almost-flat, or flat 2.0—basically it’s all the same, and expect it’s being used more next year.

Did you know, 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience? This is how far the design of your website impact your business. Indeed, there’s no way to control the future, but to stay still while everybody’s evolving? Bad idea. Again, perfection is a continuous improvement. If you want to improve your website, we can help. Let’s get in touch!


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