5 Things to Avoid from Your Social Ads

Make sure to convey the right message to your customers


You maybe have set up the shop, a website, and prep just the perfect offer to your potential customers. Unfortunately, nobody will know what you’re doing unless you spread the word. Building a follower base on social media platforms is indeed one of the options you may try. Nevertheless, these platforms have implemented changes to display their content. It’s not decided solely by timing anymore — as they no longer display content in chronological order — but more about engagements. Essentially the change meant that, a follower of your page would not always see your posts, and this could impact your business, negatively.

On the bright side, social media platforms have make it easy for entrepreneurs to access a whole range of tools for promoting their business. In fact, this may be one of the most powerful tools to drive your sales! But don’t rush into it just yet, as you also need to know how to optimize your advertising effort by avoiding these five mistakes.

Buying followers.
Although some people may still choose to buy followers for many kind of reasons, it’s certainly not a good idea. Yes, you may get 10,000 followers over night, but what difference does it make if they never engage nor care about what you have to offer? Instead of buying followers, try to invest your money in an optimized ads — which is more likely driving your sales than a bunch of “bought” followers that may get you banned from the platforms instead.

Using bad image.
Your social media account is your business card, and treat it as such. You maybe using many different social media platforms and want to make it look uniform. The key concept here is uniform, not the same. You don’t want to pushed the same image to fit into different social media platforms, as it will look distorted — not to mention awkward. You see, the ideal size and shape — height, width, and orientation— that most influence an image appearance in a social media platform is all different. Therefore, try to properly tailor the image of your social media ads, otherwise it’ll look bad thus make you look bad too.

Off target.
Even though you are selling a pen that can be used by all people, setting your social media ads to reach everyone of them is a huge and potentially expensive mistake. Try to dig deeper into the data, and target your audience based on their interests or another data points. On the other side, you don’t want to be overly specific in setting the target either. To find the sweet spot, you may have to experiment a bit and perform A/B Testing to find out which campaign is working for you.

Hard selling.
Nobody likes a blatant overbearing ads, maybe even including you! You don’t want to display an ads that scream advertisement, as it tend to scare people away. Instead, present it a subtle way, make it look blend naturally with the other user’s feeds while in the same time capture your audience’s attention, or at least make them curious to find out more. This is where your copywriting skill comes to play!

Nothing new.
So, you created just the perfect ads. How long will you use it? A month, two months? How long is too long before you have to display something new? You see, no matter how brilliant your ads is, it still has an expiration date. Over time, even the most brilliant ads will grow stale, and sometimes perceived as annoying to those who still seeing it repeatedly or worse, create social backlash that will hurt your business reputation. Remember, anything has its course, including your ads.

Knowing all the things to avoid in your social media ads can help ensure you create a better campaign to reach your potential customers more effectively. If used properly — by planning ahead, analyzing the result, and continuously optimizing it — social media ads offer a huge opportunity to boost your business. So, take advantage of the full range of benefits that social media have to offers, including the ads. After all, “Doing business without advertising is like winking in the dark, you know what you’re doing, but nobody else does.” — Stuart H. Britt.

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